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Friends Uplift Friends

A place for positive, creative tidbits that help you and your friends cope with unual times



What uplifts you?

Posted by [email protected] on August 31, 2020 at 8:15 PM

I asked this question to my friends on Facebook. This is what I asked, and these are answers I got:

Let's talk about uplifting things. Not because I want to be cheesy, but because these are not happy times and if you stop and think of each one of them, you can lose your mind. It's easy to slide down a path of depression, but there are little barriers that put breaks on that sled. Can you tell me one thing that has been uplifting you through 2020? For me, unexpectedly staying home all summer has not been as hard as it could have been. This morning I woke up and thought "I really didn't go home this summer! I actually didn't go anywhere, and now school started and I'm still at home, not really connecting with my students." Then other cloudy thoughts started coming my way. Then 3 cats jumped on my bed, not so much to ask to be fed but to play and get attention. And I thought "oh, this is what it's like to get grounded when you start slipping." What else uplifts me is seeing all the plants grow, seeing how even after a hurricane they recover. They find a way to become green again. The pecan tree broke from the wind, and the stump put out little green buds, and now the stump is a tree! Life is uplifting. I could think of sad things, like my grandmother's death this summer, but she knew that life would keep going after her passing. The last thing she was staring at during her last days was a huge walnut tree, with leaves that catch the sunlight in that summery way. What uplifts me is seeing what people do to uplift themselves and others. My friends' art pieces showing up on FB. People who save animals. My favorite bands having virtual concerts. Video chats. I like to hear what people read and I go grab the book on Amazon. I like to talk to neighbors (with some distance between us). I like having dogs and laughing at their shenanigans, after too many years of wanting to get a dog. Of course, I get depressed by politics and violence, but how much can I dwell only on that? So, please, will you share with me one thing that uplifts you?

Laura Ortega: Thanks for sharing Liana! For me, it’s closing my eyes while I play drums, when my dogs flip over for belly rubs, when I write a chapter in my memoir and it “seems” to come together. I also love looking at my plants happy after the rain, and how colorful reptiles come out to scavenge for seeds and insects, and blue jays congregating around my bird feeder. 


Maricela Garcia: My dog Lola wakes me every morning. She sits on me and licks my face to mak sur I'm awake,, as if her jumping might not have done the job and I have to laugh and thank God for her. She is a joy, and her love is a gift I am grateful for.

Diana De Clippeleir: It's my dog's kisses and love that always uplift me.

Cristina Chinole: This: the slow but steady wave of love coming out of nowhere. From the least expected moments, or the unusual beings: either human, or non-human. This little fellow was on the same beach with me, this summer. Not my kid. But we shared such joy in warm, foamy waters of the sea, for two hours. That I felt being five years old, again. And of course, the constant gardners of my emotions: my cats&my dogs. They are like the fountain of pure happiness, no matter what happens. 

Elizabeth McAndrew: I have been kayaking with an old friend on the Susquehanna River off and on this summer and it is so peaceful. I was a little afraid to go on the river before last year, and now I look forward to it. The last time I went we saw an eagle not 20 yards away from us.

Cristina Ionascu: Photography (finding beauty in the mundane), the beach (well, any open nature would have the same effect but beach is what I have). I couldn’t find anywhere to get a proper birdbath so I made my own awful-looking, makeshift abomination, not high enough to make birds feel safe enough, but birds still come and I squeal like a little girl (internally) to see how they splash, not caring about anything but their young and the water they’re enjoying.

Alina Tacu: Spending time with my mother. It's been so long since we had such quality moments together!

Laura Elena S. Walker: Reading posts like yours is uplifting, Liana, along with going for walks, taking in the beauty of my natural surroundings, and seeing my daughter dance, at a birthday party held outdoors, with lots of other people, young and old. It goes without saying that my family and friends lift me up too. 

Maria Cirlan: Pe mine, incredibil pentru unii, m-a inaltat perioada de izolare. Poate tot incredibil dar dupa foarte multi ani m-am simtit cu adevarat libera. Pupici. (Some may find it unbelievable but this period of isolation uplifted me. Maybe this is also unbelievable but after many years, I felt truly free again)

Greg O'Brian: My bicycle has been a source of calm and adventure at the same time! Here it is loaded up with a folding chair to go visit friends in the park.

Anca Colibaba: Am vazut pentru prima data o pupaza ! In carne si oase! In fata noastra! Pe un drum ingust, umbrit complet de coroanele copacilor. Si in jurul ei se rotea un fluture. (For the first time, I saw a hoopoe! In the flesh! On a narrow road, completely shaded by the canopies of trees. And a butterfly kept flying around it)

Anca Madalina: My strength, my hope, my joy... (her daughter)

Anabella Enachi: Spending time with my family, music, praying and singing in church, spending time in the mountains, by the sea, igood book, nature, parks, flowers and trees, birds singing ,ducks on the lake...the sunrise chikdren laughing , the sound of LIFE little joys and "successes"

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