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Friends Uplift Friends

A place for positive, creative tidbits that help you and your friends cope with unual times

There is always middle ground. It could be a fox toy you both like to play with, or a song you both like, or a dish you both like to make. This site is the middle ground, so anything political, critical of specific groups, hateful or negative is not welcome. On the other hand, the little or big things that make us happy and connect us to each other are the things you can feel free to add to this page! 

This is a song my sister Dana and I have composed in response to feelings of helplessness when the quarantine for Covid 19 started. We made a video and invited friends to participate. It's all in good fun, not an expert song (we're not musicians). It's an expression of our optimism when everything seems to be dark and upsetting. There are things that are worth doing and thinking about even through this weird 2020!

Is It Bizarre (We're All in This Together)

I am Liana V. Andreasen - Writer, English Professor, trying to stay sane through a tough 2020. I may have dreamed this, or maybe I was awake, but one night the idea of this page came to me: friends uplifting friends. Who wants to participate?